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Mo Fo 3X

Mo Fo Herbal Incense Review

Mo Fo is another HCN-13 blend and is ranked the 2nd best herbal incense blend in the United States market as of October 2011. Mo Fo itself comes in a 1 gram package and is sold in almost every large smoke shop in and up the beach side of north and south Carolina. If you are in the herbal incense market you are sure to have heard of Mo Fo it is a leading competitor in the legal herb business. I would rate Mo Fo the best herbal incense on the market due to fact of it being one of the only JWH free herbal incense but also the fact of its bitter sweet aroma. It is by far one of the best smelling natural highs of any legal herbs for sale and will remain on the top due to its always improving manufacturer.

3X Mo Fo got its name because originally because it was 3 times as potent as any other herbal incense on the market. Although as August 2010 a few companies have grown up and got into the game with the the big dogs. Now a few companies exceed Mo Fo’s potency but lack in aroma. Also most of these companies use illegal compounds where everything wacky world of herbal alternatives sells is cannabanoid free herbal incense and is completely legal. So many customers and aromatherapy saloons rate Mo Fo the best herbal incense on the market.

Some other herbal incense blends manufactured by the company include Dave’s Not Here, Half-Baked, Sinister, Happy Herbs, F.N.O, and XXX Essence. All of these blends are very different and each herbal incense contains a different potency. Unlike many other brands like K2 herbal incense that have the same potency with a different mixture of leafs, all of Wacky World’s herbal incense contains a different potency, not one is alike. They have a blend to suit everyone’s needs and if they don’t they will try their hardest to make it for you. Due to recent orders XXX Essence and F.N.O are the top 2 most potent herbal incense on the market as of November 2011. A small smoke shop in Ohio wanted something stronger than Mo Fo so HCN manufactured them XXX Essence. After XXX Essence took the lead in the incense market Wacky World had to top it and manufactured F.N.O. Which is actually twice as potent as Mo Fo. You should always study aromatherapy techniques and understand aromatherapy benefits before using XXX Essence or F.N.O. they are not intend for beginners and are only sold exclusively.

Contains NONE of the following (JWH-007, JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-081,
JWH-122, JWH-200, JWH-250, HU-210, CP-73, 497, or cannabicylohexanol).
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